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Madrid Fishing School was born from the dream of a young entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire life to fishing and caring for the environment in his leisure time. Ignacio Gallo Campos, founder and graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University with a double international master's degree, declares himself a nature lover and a responsible and sustainable fisherman, an international fisherman who knows many different techniques on foot, by kayak, boat and underwater.

Salmon Boyne Ignacio.jpg

Ignacio Gallo Campos

We are a group of friends from childhood who aim to teach love and respect for nature through unique and personalized experiences. We are pioneers in offering this type of service in direct contact with nature in Madrid, Toledo, Extremadura and Ireland. You will learn the art of fishing including fishing on foot and in kayak

Carlos García


Carlos is from Madrid and a student of forestry engineering. His relationship with fishing arose mainly from his passion for nature.
Within the different modalities Carlos confesses to be a lover of the techniques related to the fishing of predators casting, being his favourite species the pike, even though he also practices the fishing of cyprinids. 
Currently Carlos is one of our most beloved and active fishing guides around Madrid, with the possibility of travelling to Extremadura and Toledo

Ángeles Gil "Chiki"


Everyone knows her as Chiqui. Her life has always been closely linked to nature and in particular to the world of sportive fishing, as an escape valve from the daily life of Madrid where she worked in a multinational company for more than twenty years.

And today from Lake Cijara she has been making enjoy and disconnect from the routine to all those who want to experience new sensations, in a place as idyllic as is the Lake Cijara, either by kayak or boat. Take a look at his video here

She is responsible for unforgettable days of fishing, nature and gastronomy, with accommodation included.

Peter Cunningham


Peter from Ireland, has over 30 years experience in fishing on the River Boyne and other rivers in the northeast for salmon and sea trout, better known as reo.

Peter has helped many anglers to catch their first salmon, sea bass, or sea trout.

Peter's home waters are on the historic Boyne River, but he also has years of experience fishing the Dee, Fane and Glyde Rivers in the northeast.

Peter will arrange your accommodation in Ireland and help with the picnic and recommend gastronomic experiences in the area, one of the most beautiful and historic in Europe.

Javier Leonor del Pozo

Forestry Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, specialist in predator fishing. At his 39 years of age he has carried out various projects related to the environment and currently works as a project manager for an environmental consultancy in Ireland.
Segovia saw him born and the world saw him grow up. We count on him for both pike and perch fishing in Ireland, as well as sea fishing and salmon fishing in the Blackwater River, with our friend Raplh. Check this out! 

José Molinero Sanz

This young forestry engineer from the Polytechnic School of Madrid has developed his professional career in the management of projects related to R&D in the aquaculture and fishing sector both nationally and internationally.

He is an expert fisherman specialised in fly fishing and has taken part in different national and international championships. He has extensive experience in rivers and reservoirs in more than 10 countries

Oscar Carrasco

Oscar Carrasco Carpa.JPG

A native of Toledo, at 25 years old he has become a young but very experienced fisherman. Always ready to conquer any body of water in front of him. He has been a sport fisherman since he was a child, a writer for several national magazines and a member of one of the most important brands of bait and material for carp fishing today.

Expert in carp fishing and cyprinid fishing in general in any modality. He also has a very good experience with predators. Covers all the area of Toledo and southern Madrid. Take a look at his articles

Daniel Sisi Maestre

Forestry Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, expert and great fan of fishing. Dani has developed his career managing and improving aquatic ecosystems, among other areas of nature management. He has worked at the Santa María de la Alameda School of Fishing and Conservation of the Aquatic Environment, in the Flora and Fauna Conservation Area of the Community of Madrid and in different projects related to river management, carrying out numerous aquatic fauna sampling campaigns for projects in lakes, reservoirs and rivers throughout Spain

Raul Morcuende Azaña

Raul has been in love with fishing for 34 years, was born in Toledo and lives in Madrid. He confesses to being a lover of fishing since he was a child, when he started to go to the Menasalbas reservoir by bike and on horseback. 
Little by little and after much effort and dedication Raul has become one of the best fishermen in Spain, and currently competes in various fishing competitions at a national level (although he doesn't like us to say so, because above all there is his love for the art of fishing). He is a fundamental part of the new boat fishing services in and around the Cijara reservoir (Extremadura, Toledo), as well as others in Madrid.

Ralph Tindal

Ralph is our picturesque English-born and Irish-speaking salmon fishing guide on the beautiful Blackwater River in Ireland. As a child in his beloved Donegal in the north west of beautiful Ireland he learned the art of fly fishing (rat tail) in order to catch the most majestic fish that populate the rivers, the salmon and the inmates. He is in charge of the fly fishing experiences in Ireland.
We offer this new experience outside our Spanish border including material, guide, permits and classes, if required.
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