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El Atazar


The municipality of Cervera de Buitrago is located 80 km from Madrid, in the "Sierra Norte" region of the Community of Madrid.

The name of Cervera seems to derive from the word "deer" and from an event that took place in its lands related to these animals. In the past, there were a large number of deer in the nearby forests of the Señorío de Buitrago, which would travel to the vicinity of Cervera, taking advantage of the fact that it was the first place where the snow melted and the last place where the sun set, in order to receive their last rays of light. In this original way, the name Cervera was given.

The reservoir of El Atazar is located in this town. If for something it stands out El Atazar it is for his wonderful natural environment, in which the endless landscapes that surround the town impress for his grandiosity.


Its fluvial network is formed by the waters of the streams of La Pasada, El Renegal, del Perro, del Aguila, Peñarrubia and Los Arredondos, as well as the rivers Riato and Lozoya, being this last one the border with the neighbouring town of Patones; although what influences most is precisely the fact of having the waters of its only two rivers, dammed, which modifies absolutely, both the physiography and its water regime. Of course, we cannot forget the spectacle of the reservoir and the majestic El Atazar dam, the second largest vaulted dam in Europe with a height of 134m. and a length of 500m. It is the most important dam in the water supply system of the Community of Madrid.

The species of greatest interest for sport fishing are mainly pike, barbel and black bass. 

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